PHP 7 Breaking Websites Everywhere – Here’s how you fix it

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With the latest PHP 7 Update that just rolled out in the last couple weeks many websites across the globe have suffered strange styling errors and even some just won't display what so ever.

Even websites at Sector 36 has suffered from this update, but we caught it in time and made the necessary changes to fix our platforms.

Why is this happening

Like all things in the tech world website code also need to evolve to improve performance and security.

Even though it has negatively impacted many websites in a problematic way it will ultimately open many doors for the future of web development and also how we all use the internet in general.

(Pretty exciting stuff!)

The upsides of PHP 7

Well for one websites that are correctly optimized run almost twice as fast. Which means a lot for businesses that require visitors to spend as much time as possible on the platform.

Optimization in code has also made it possible for a single server to now handle twice as many processes than before. Which is really big for large congestion on websites.



Even though WordPress supports PHP v.7, some themes and templates don’t.

Seeing as most websites on WordPress use templates and themes they could be subject to breaking once the next update set for 27 November 2019 rolls out.

How  can I check to see if this is effecting my website?

You can follow the steps below to check yourself.

We can check for you!

There are a few ways to check.

• First things first, check what your current PHP version is in your WordPress dashboard.

1. Firstly navigate to Tools in your WordPress Dashboard and click on tools.

2. After clicking on “Site Health” at the very top find the Info button next to Status. After letting the page load go down the accordion and find the “Server” drop down. In this drop down you will find what PHP version your website is currently using.

• If you have a dedicated web developer or company that manages your website for you. You can also inquire with them with regards to the version of your PHP on your website.

• We can also check for you! Simply send us your website url and we can check for you and update you as soon as we can!

Check with us if your site is PHP v.7 ready!

Janes Blignaut

Janes Blignaut

Co Founder and Lead Designer at Sector 36

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