Sector 36 Technologies.

Sector 36 Technologies

About Us.

Get To Know Us.

Wow, the team at S36T…
Well, we do have a pretty awesome story, but let’s keep this short. The team started up back in early 2017. We decided we want to try web development for fun and see where it takes us.
Ever since we have been climbing the skill tree every day!
Our drive is our passion for building websites and getting our clients the most out of their online presence.

To be honest we are a bunch of nerds but we love what we do and we’d like to show you what we can offer you! 🙂

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced UX/UI

good to know.

Some good things to know about our team is we’re a creative bunch. Meaning we are very good at coming up with weird ways to find solutions for your needs. In short, we’re pretty weird.

Work Experience.

With a collective of 10+ years in Web Development and Technical Support, our team is confident in our skill to not only improve your online presence but also automate your office needs.


Our team is 100% taught. And we’re proud of it. With several thousands of hours of learning, breaking, fixing and practice, our team can confidently say we’re capable of “almost” anything.

Knowledge is everything

Our Skill in words.


web design

Our bread & butter. We absolutely live for web development and we want to share our awesome creations with the world!



brand design

We have helped many businesses stand out above their competition with a better brand identity.



tech support

Above and Beyond is an understatement. Our contracted technical support team has unrivaled experience and work ethic.